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Are You Ready for a Miracle In Your Love Life?

No matter how persistent your painful patterns in love have been, you have the power to manifest ecstatically happy, healthy, wholehearted love!

It’s easier than you think. And I can show you how.

I’m Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT, licensed psychotherapist and the New York Timesbestselling author of Calling In “The One.” I’ve had the honor and privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of smart, successful, creative, bright and competent people - peoplejust like you, who are conscious, caring individuals and who have done impressive and meaningful things in life - and yet who remain frustrated (and frankly, confused!) as to why finding love has been so challenging.

How the Course Works

STEP ONE: Opening to Love

  • Break through any resignation you may have and become grounded in the possibilities you hold for happy, healthy and fulfilling love.
  • Identify how your disappointing patterns in love have been happening through you and not just to you, and awaken your power to evolve beyond them.
  • Learn the biggest mistake you may be making in your quest for love and discover the single most important thing you can do to create the miracle of love in your life.
  • Set a bold intention for love to unleash a slew of synchronicity and magic that will ensure your vision for love becomes your new reality.

STEP TWO: Clearing Your Hidden Blocks & Barriers to Love

  • See the specific ways that you’ve been the source of your past disappointing experiences in love – and be liberated to create a new, more fulfilling experiences moving forward.
  • Discover the secret to freeing yourself from old festering hurts – so you can love someone new with an open and unfettered heart.
  • Learn the keys to transforming toxic relationship dynamics – and generate greater levels of health and wellbeing in all your connections.
  • Become aware of the old agreements that have been binding you to your past – and make new ones that free you to welcome an exquisite love into your life.

STEP THREE: Claiming Your True “Love Identity” to Create the Relationship You Want

  • Identify the specific false beliefs that have been sabotaging your ability to create happy, healthy love – and learn the step-by-step pathway to evolving beyond them.
  • See clearly the subtle and covert ways of relating that have unconsciously been causing you to duplicate old painful patterns in love – and graduate from them forever.
  • Awaken to your worthiness to love and be loved – and unleash your power to create a relationship that lights you up, inspires you and brings out the best of who you are.
  • Ground your awakening by taking bold actions and engaging your growth – to make living from your true “love identity” your new normal.

STEP FOUR: Becoming Magnetic to the Miracle of Love

  • Learn how to let go of desperately trying to make love happen and discover the joys of making it welcomed – to magically magnetize love into your life.
  • Embrace and delight in your deeper desires for love – and begin relating to them as an inspired blueprint for the partnership that’s possible for you to have.
  • Start showing up as the powerful and self-respecting woman or man that you are – rather than as a wounded child in your most intimate relationships.
  • Craft a wildly inspiring vision of happy, healthy love that exhilarates you and catapults you towards the fulfillment of that future.

STEP FIVE: Awakening to Self Love as the Source of Loving Another

  • Understand the key differences between self-love, self-care and self-esteem – and elevate all three ways of loving yourself in preparation for loving another.
  • Make a fierce pledge to yourself to go all the way to realize your highest potentials in love – and inspire your partner to rise to support you to fulfill upon this commitment.
  • Learn to have an empowered relationship with your feelings and needs to deepen love and intimacy with “The One” you call into your life.
  • Reclaim your sensual self and increase the ways you love, care for and respect your body (just as it is!) as the sweet and sacred home you offer your beloved.

STEP SIX: Activating Your Future of Love Fulfilled

  • Align your life with the future you’re committed to creating – and start making different choices and taking bold actions to turn your dreams into your reality.
  • Bust the covert and disempowering beliefs you’ve had about others – and start showing up in ways that command respect and compel greater levels of care and consideration.
  • Discover the one potent practice that will prevent you from ever feeling bad about yourself while on a date again.
  • Identify and begin to cultivate those specific skills and capacities you’ll need to graduate from your old disappointing patterns – and ensure you’ll maximize the potentials you hold for true happiness in love.

STEP SEVEN: Receiving Love Into Your Life

  • Discover how to show up as radiant and irresistible – to inspire your beloved to recognize you instantly as “The One” for them.
  • Deepen into your intuitive knowing – to confidently navigate your way home to love.
  • Learn to use any obstacles, disappointments and delays as opportunities to deepen into your own power and magnetism – and become unstoppable on your pathway to happy, healthy love.
  • Begin weaving a field of relatedness wherever you go – and start causing the flourishing of life and love everywhere.

Common Questions About the
Calling in the One: 49 Days to Love Course

What will I learn in the Calling in "The One": 1 Day to Love course?

The course is highly transformative (as opposed to informational) in nature. So your learning will be experiential and you will begin to see things about yourself and how you show up in life in radically new and empowering ways. You will understand how you have been the source of any past disappointing patterns in your intimate relationships in a way that feeds you power to do things differently from now on. You will also learn how you can become a clear co-creator of love, learning how to be magnetic and to “call in” a deeply satisfying, soulful union that represents the fulfillment of love in your life.

How is this course different than the Calling in “The One” book?

The book came out in 2004 and since then I’ve had the privilege of personally leading thousands through the 7 step Calling in “The One” process. All the while, learning what fast-tracks breakthroughs in love, and continually upleveling the program. So while the 49 Days to Love course follows the overall arc of the Calling in “The One” book, the transformative technologies we will be using are the most leading edged and advanced available, as well as informed by all of my learning over the past fifteen years.

Will I really find love in just 49 days?

The course is designed to identify and release any internal obstacles to finding the love you desire. It will also teach you how to become magnetic to the miracle of love. While many do find love within 49 days, it is not necessarily our goal. Our goal is to have you feel empowered to cause a breakthrough in the area of intimate relationship, often letting go of life-long disappointing patterns in love, and feeling hopeful and confident in your ability to “call in” the love you want. And that is most certainly possible to do in just 49 days.

What if I’m already in a relationship but I’m not sure I want to stay in it? Will the course help me make a decision about whether to stay or go?

The course will illuminate the many ways you’ve been re-playing patterns from your past and unconsciously generating your unsatisfying experiences of love. It will empower you to begin showing up in ways that will create happier, healthier experiences of love moving forward. It will help you get unstuck in your current situation, and to either cause a breakthrough in your relationship (magically transforming your current partner into your perfect mate) or you will find the courage and clarity you need to lovingly transition the union to its new form, so you are free to meet and marry your true soulmate.

What if I’m not sure I actually want a relationship?

Many people take the course simply to help clear away their inner blocks and barriers in love because they want to be free of old, painful patterns, and to no longer worry about how they might unknowingly be robbing themselves of the opportunity to be happy in love. And to know that should they ever choose to have a relationship that they’re empowered to create one. Not all graduates choose to create their forever love right after the course, but they do report enjoying their single status more and relishing in the many choices they now have for deep and meaningful connections with others. However, you are in charge of the pacing of how quickly or slowly you decide to form a lasting, intimate bond with another, if at all.

There is a huge chasm between wanting to find your ideal partner and being truly available for that partner when he or she appears. This course is about bridging that chasm. It shows you how to set a strong intention to love and be loved, then outlines in clear, specific steps what you can do to make your intention become a reality.

About Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT, is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After and the national bestseller, Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and teacher to hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe in her virtual learning communities.

She is the creator of the Calling in “The One”: 49 Days to Love online course, the originator of the Conscious Uncoupling process and creator of the Conscious Uncoupling online course and certified coaches training. To date, Katherine has trained and certified hundreds of coaches in her highly transformative work.